Tox Screen Testing

Are you eligible for reimbursement for tox screening?

Our toxicology testing program has been designed specifically for worker’s compensation patients and for physicians who treat a minimum of 5 to 10 worker’s compensation patients per week. If you fit this profile and practice in a state that provides a reasonable reimbursement, you are a good candidate for this ancillary service.

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Administering a drug screening test for each patient successfully reduces practice liability and provides key information to better guide and manage the treatment of your patients. It can also generate significant additional revenue with no out of pocket costs or risk by eliminating the need to send patients to outside drug testing companies.

The Physician’s Rx will provide everything your practice will need to effectively manage the tox screen testing of your patients from start to finish, including all drug testing kits, supplies, forms, laboratory tests, reports, courier and delivery services. We also provide in-office management, computerized medical records, billing support and outstanding customer service. If an existing staff member is not available to collect, we can provide you with a collector for testing.

In many states, Worker’s Compensation Medical Treatment Guidelines have been adopted that specifically recommend urine drug testing (UDT) for chronic pain patients. UDT is a proven way to monitor adherence to a prescription drug regiment, prevent abuse and reduce drug diversion.

UDTs are conducted in accordance with ACOEM guidelines set forth in Chapter 5 and Table 5-1 of the Occupational Medicine Practice Guidelines: Evaluation and Management of Common Health Problems and Functional Recovery in Workers, Second Edition.

Why Use Drug Screening Tests?

It’s hard for a physician to know if a patient is taking drugs from other physicians or self-medicating with prescription and/or illicit drugs. The initial toxicology testing done in your office will provide you with important baseline knowledge of the patient, which will help you prevent dangerous drug interactions and develop appropriate dispensing solutions.

Qualitative results are available within only 5 minutes, so you will know whether it is safe to prescribe a new medication before the patient leaves your office.  Specimens are then forwarded to our lab to confirm results of the in-office tox screentest and to quantitatively test all positive results. The lab also tests for an additional 48 non-illicit drugs. Follow up tests are recommended every 30 to 90 days to ensure that the patient is taking their medications properly as prescribed and no additional drugs.

Our lab facility, is a CADHS clinical reference laboratory, CLIA certified, CAP accredited and staffed with highly experienced and qualified professionals. They rely upon sophisticated instrumentation and multiple detection systems including Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) and High Performance/High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).

In eligible states, you are able to prepare, review and bill for Review of Records (ROR). A copy of the ROR goes in the file and copies are sent to the worker’s compensation insurance along with the billing. Our software does much of this automatically for you.

No term contract is necessary for you to begin implementing drug screening tests with The Physician’s Rx . You can start or stop the program whenever you decide, making it easy to try it with no risk or investment on the part of your practice. Once you’ve decided to implement a toxicology testing and monitoring program, it takes a week or two to set you up and arrange for a collector who will implement the drug testing kits.



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