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The Physician’s Rx is an integrated group of companies offering a myriad of innovative services to support revenue cycles, daily operations and patient care. Each of our businesses reflects a comprehensive and cost effective solution to meet the unique needs of physician practices and healthcare facilities. We provide a national in-office Physician Dispensing program, Medication Monitoring program and an assortment of Low Complexity Analyzers if applicable for your practice. We also provide Medical Billing and Prompt Pay Insurance Reimbursement services thru two partners and have skilled staff members that possess significant experience in financial services, procurement and product development.

Physicians are challenged to improve the financial performance of their practice and patient care in an environment of reform; falling reimbursements; an aging population; higher costs; new technology; rising competition; and increasing complexity. Simply increasing patient volume is no longer enough to maintain growth revenue. The Physician’s Rx is your prescription for improved profits and enhanced patient care. The Physician’s Rx can help you significantly boost your bottom line by offering high value products and the right ancillary services that compliment yet go beyond your normal clinical practice.

Ancillary services can also significantly reduce overhead practice costs. While there is certainly a revenue aspect to these services, what is important to a practice is patient convenience and care. These services can also help to differentiate you from other practices. Patients value the convenience, and can actually end up being an extension of your marketing efforts by telling their friends and family about their experience.

At The Physician's Rx, we pride ourselves on presenting unique solutions that generate significant ancillary revenue for our clients while providing support that is second to none. We are confident that using one, a combination, or all of our services will increase your practice’s revenues; maximize reimbursements; reduce overhead; and provide you with the confidence to focus on what matters most – the health and well-being of your patients.

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